About Danielle Naeve of Klover Collection

From our founder

Growing up in DC I was surrounded by art and history, watching spaces evolve into modernity fueled my growing passion for interior design. I now use that lifelong experience as well as my years in real estate when curating vintage pieces and designing interiors.

When working in real estate you walk into so many different homes; each home has a story, and each family has their own vision and definition of comfort. I aim to celebrate that vision through intentional interior design, combining current joys with historic pieces that enhance that family’s story.  

Furniture is art. Antique and vintage pieces tell a story the same way an old painting does. You are a part of that story when you own it, when you sit in it, you bring in the piece of a character and a story that will continue. I know that when I walk into my house I want to feel like I can unwind but also be surrounded with beauty.

My son was born on March 18 2020. He was born just short of St Patrick’s Day, which also happened to be his great uncle's birthday, a natural nod to his own history. 7 weeks premature and had to be in the NICU for an extended period of time the day DC was put on lockdown, the beginning of a global pandemic. 

After becoming a mom, it was important for me to create a place that we could live, play, and not feel like we were breaking things. I wanted to design a home that makes you happy as soon as you walk through the doors. Color and patterns, luxe fabrics on all of the upholstery keeps us smiling. I wanted chairs and sofa to sleep on but still maintain their beauty. I never feel a room is complete without some pieces of history in it to tell a story and ground us. The warmth of something from the 1930’s or 40’s is timeless and changes everything around you. It brings things together, it tells our story. 

The urge to do something I care so deeply about and share these timeless pieces with others inspired me to start Klover Collection.